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Playhouse Seating & Serving

Seating for kids playhouses can be either fixed to the playhouses side or separate like the Catalina Playhouse so you can move it away from the playhouse or used inside in a toy kitchen or anywhere in the garden.

Fixed seating like the Sunny Cedar Playhouse are designed to fit with playhouse. With a fixed seats, you keep your garden tidy, whatever you choose there is an advantage.

Serving up a storm in the kitchen with a seating and serving ideal for eating with kid size seating that is needed. One of the selwood picnic tables would also be useful if your playing host to big birthday party and don't want them arguing over seating.

Perfect spot for enjoying an ice cream or kids planning the next little adventure around the garden or further afield. With plenty of things to talk about the seating area will see plenty of use if you choose to have one of the playhouses that have a seat.

Wooden seating is made from cedar so it's soft to the touch and less likely to splinter than other woods. They come pre-stained and are really easy to assemble as like the playhouse its pre-drilled with clear instructions.For all the playhouse features click here

playhouse seat attached
playhouse seat with phone
unattached playhouse seat
small seat at playhouse