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Childrens Playhouse Information

Selwood's wooden playhouses spark imagination and creativity it can be any room in the house. Each playhouse is made beautifully from cedar wood with its many benefits. You need never struggle for things to do with your child outside again as they play in the new house in the garden.

Learning life-long skills in imaginative play as they copy mum and dad's behaviours in the house or in the big wide world. Maybe hanging up pictures, or playing shop or just being in a kitchen preparing sandwich.

Easy assemble design of our playhouses mean they can be built at home in double quick time, this means you can get on with playing and creating a unique space for your child.

With working doors and windows, our playhouses really do imitate life as your child develops a sense of ownership in their first little space all of their own. Such fun they are going to be trouble getting them back inside for dinner.

Timber Playhouses

wooden playhouse

Timber playhouses made from cedar wood are Selwood's speciality. With a 10 year warranty on all wooden parts they all look great in gardens up and down the country. With a range of features that include working doors, and windows kitchens come within the playhouse.

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Plastic Playhouses

plastic playhouse

Plastic playhouses are brightly coloured to stimulate the young child's brain keeping them excited as they explore the new toy. With click together construction these are quick to assemble and being very light are easy to move around a garden.

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Which Playhouse Kit?

playhouse window

With a bafferling amount of choices here are some importatant consideratins for choosing your child's playhouse

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Playhouse Plans?

builder to install a wendy house

You will need a measuring tape, drill, level, Robertson & Phillips screw driver and a square ruler planning for the arrival of your playhouse is important.Remember to use some safety glasses, protecting your eyes is important. The wood comes pre-drilled and stained with some being panellised. Planning for a playhouse has never been easier!

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Playhouse Maintenace

maintenance on a wendy house

Giving your wooden playhouse an annual stain, or checking joints and screws anything that a young child may climb on all playhouses are safety checked to EN and ASTM safety standards.

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Playhouse Platform?


Building up a deck to support the playhouse can be a challenging here is our quick help guide if you wish to do this.

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Playhouse Features

playhouse window

With a bafferling amount of choices here are some importatant consideratins for choosing your child's playhouse

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Playhouse Ideas

playhouse window

Make the playhouse of your dreams by adding the detailing you really want. Add kitchens, curtains and your child's own paintings.

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Wooden Playhouse Safety Standards

There are numerous safety standards required for children’s playhouses. Ours are tested to EN71 and ASTM. That means are our play sets are tested to be safe for private and domestic use for children aged 3-12 years old. If you wish to use a playhouse for commercial purposes (nursery, school, pub) then you will need play equipment which is tested to EN1176 safety standards.

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Wooden Playhouse Warranty

We offer a 10 year wood warranty with our wooden playhouses. This warranty will protect you against structural failure due to rot or insect damage. All other parts such as weather vanes, chalk walls, hardware and accessories carry a one-year warranty. A fully copy of our warranty is available in the front pages of the individual product manuals. The warranty is not valid for use in commercial environments, as our play equipment is designed for residential use only. Our play equipment should not be used in public settings such as schools, nurseries, playgrounds, pubs or hotels.

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