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Which Playhouse Kit?

With a host of wooden playhouses available, where do you begin? This guide gives you a little more information about the large variety out there.

Buying playhouses or any outdoor play equipment feels like a big investment. Concerns with value for money, longevity, and safety. With a few things making up what you're looking for, here are a few things to think about.

Playhouse Kit Value

Shopping on price, actually consider the best value within our budgets is a far more effective way of buying. Using our wooden playhouses, we can see the difference between lowest (Sunny Cedar Playhouse) and highest (Cedar Mansion 6x4 playhouse) priced playhouses.

cedar mansion playhouse
sunny cedar playhouse

Playhouse Size

With twice as much wood the Cedar Mansion is over half a meter taller, close to meter longer, but slightly narrower and comes with an internal floor. Size does matter, within small playhouse a young child will feel at home for a while, but after a couple of years growing quickly they can find this too small and no longer use it, not great value.

Playhouse Features

Having a wooden floor is great as they no longer spend all their time on muddy grass, in theory, fewer grass stains. Remember to take your shoes off before entering. Other features to look out for are:

Flower Pots - used for real gardening without endangering your proper garden and they can watch a plant grow over a period months, or you can just use some fake plants to and have it looking great all year with no gardening.

Serving Counters - Ideal for a snack, keeping play outdoors within the playhouse. Where children can play shop and serve their friends, maybe parents will get an invite.

Window Frames - Detailing and some playhouses include dormer windows. Extra details fascinate children they seem to spend hours investigating them time and again.

flower pots
playhouse seat
playhouse window

With increased detail comes a higher price of production, are they worth it? It's for you to decide, with extra detailing playhouses will remain interesting for longer creating a longer product life just like having a larger playhouse will.

Playhouse Kit Assembly & Maintenance

Wooden or plastic playhouse kit is probably your first decision, we made our choice. Plastic playhouses have the benefit of being much lighter and moved around easier. However, provide a short-term play option for very young children. Being very small older children tend not to use them.

Building a playhouse from a flat-pack plastic or wood is easy. Ours come with illustrated manuals, a plastic playhouse will click together quicker than a wooden one. With Selwood playhouses, you find the range of panelled playhouses is increasing reducing the amount of time needed for construction. With the extra weight of wooden playhouse, you should carefully consider the location to making sure you're happy with it.

Maintenance - plastic just needs cleaning, but once faded or damaged there is little you can do other than replacing the set. With it only really being a short-term solution, will that okay? Wooden sets alternatively can have parts replaced easily coming with a full 10-year wooden parts warranty. During this time applying stain will maintain the appearance of the set, Selwood Wood Stain is a redwood colour suitable for use on play equipment. Should you want to paint it different colours you can look for paint that is water based and marked for being safe for children. Have you ever tried painting or colouring plastic, it's tricky.


Safety standards should be ubiquitous across all sellers within the EU you are looking for EN71 this should show on all play equipment retailers web-site here is ours.